Alfonso Ebenhaezer "Boet" Smuts

08 January 1943     17 October 2018  

Date Of Birth 08 January 1943  

Date Of Death 17 October 2018  

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Alfonso Ebenhaezer "Boet"
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David Smuts

‘Hi everybody this website is dedicated to my wonderful, ever loving, and caring father. My Dad was so special to me the memories I have got of my father will last forever. I will miss my Dad every single day but I will always keep his love and thoughts and prayers in my heart. I learnt a lot from my Dad. He taught me the difference between right and wrong. My Dad had four wonderful, loving and godly children. My Dad would spoil us all in his own special way. I was named after my father. My name is "David Alfonso Smuts". I have got four wonderful siblings that I love and pray for ever single day. Just like the pain is hard for me with my Dad's passing so it is just as difficult for them too. There are going to be the tough times but my Dad would want me to be brave. I don't want to cry anymore but to set my Dad free. I am very happy that my Dad is very safe in Jesus arms. He is not suffering from cancer anymore. He is pain free and happy. My Dad would say to me if he was here "David Please Don't Cry" I am set free from all my pain. Be happy for me David.

David Smuts

My Dad had a very wonderful singing voice. He could sing almost anything. I remember many a time when I would be woken up by his beautiful singing voice early as he was singing in the shower. My Dad even had the talent to sing and talk with the birds. My Dad could speak German fluently. My Dad was great ambassador for Christian's and people he met all over the world. Before my Dad died, he and my wonderful sister organised for me to get my own place in "Port Elizabeth". I am so thankful for everything I have got, I take nothing for granted. I love and respect everyone. I stay in a place called "Aurora" and in a house called "Paddy House". To all my new family @ "Paddy House" I love you all very much and pray for you every single day. To Verona thanks for everything you do, thanks for be such a blessing in my life. Thanks for all the meals and for making me part of the team @ "Paddy House" Then to "Risel Spies" thanks for everything, thanks for making Aurora the most wonderful, caring place to stay at. I feel so blessed to be part of the "Aurora Family". Then to all my friends and family @ Aurora I love you so much. Thanks for all the prayers. I look forward to spending the next 33 years of my life with you. And I promise you this that I will not take a single day for granted. The Lord has placed me in "Aurora" @ "Paddy House" to make a difference to everyone and everybody. I am here to pray and to be there for you just like my Dad was there for me so I am going to be there for you. My motto in life is "Don't see the disability see the person". In other words don't judge people, love and respect everyone and everybody in exactly the same way.

David Smuts

My Dad loved every single person he met, he helped people all over the place. He would feed the hungry people and make a difference in there lives. Now I want to be an ambassador to my late father. My goal is to make my Dad, Family and Friends proud of me. To Jackie thanks for everything, you are so special to me. Thanks for organizing my Aurora, Gym Contract and furniture in my bedroom. I appreciate everything you have done for me. I promise to do my best at everything. I will not disappoint you. We'll try not to. But in all the same way I love you very much. Thanks Tania for being so special to me in these last few days with Dads passing away. Thanks for all the comfort and a shoulder to cry on. Now we both have to be brave for Dad. Let us remember the good times we had with Dad. Thanks Jonathan for being the bigger, brother for me to talk to. I love you Jon you are so special to me and my walk with the Lord. I thank you for all your prayers. I am so grateful to have a godly brother like you in my life. Then to my dear "Aunty Jeanette" I know you are going to miss your brother very much. Some days will be easier and other days will be difficult. Let us just remembered that your brother loved you very much. And remembered that one day you and your brother will meet again. This is not "The End" but a very beautiful beginning of great and wonderful things to come. Your brother is waiting for you and one day real soon you and your brother will all be together again.

David Smuts

Then to all my siblings Oupa loved you very much. He prayed for you every single day. He was a wonderful grandfather to you but remember the good times you had with Oupa. He would want you to be happy. And I am praying for all of you. Now I give the time for you to write something. Write a poem or a story but remember the values that my Dad set in life nit only for me but for you also. If you want to share a picture, joke, poem, story or a memory then let's make this site a site to remember. Before I go I leave you with "Psalm 23/Psalm 91". God Bless you all; I you all very much. This is not the "End" but a bright new beginning where I will meet my Dad in heaven again. This is a journey where the Lord is going to use me to make a difference in people's life's. God Be With You Till We Meet Again. All my love and prayers. God Bless ever single one of you. From David Smuts.’

David Smuts

This is David Smuts loading up an image of me and my Dad. God Bless Love David Smuts

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